The decline of pollinators around the world has potential negative consequences for agriculture and ecological health. In agricultural areas such as the Midwest, studies have reported that nearly half of native bee species have disappeared from their historic ranges in the past century. Although most news outlets report on the decline of domesticated honeybees, honeybees are neither the most efficient pollinators nor are they the most important pollinators. In a joint effort to restore wildflower meadows and establish a research site at Audubon Greenway near Sewickley, PA, we are partnering with Allegheny Land Trust and the Pennsylvania Game Commission. In 2017, we conducted our first survey of pollinators in an effort to establish baseline data for the abundance and diversity of pollinators. In future years, we will continue our surveys to determine the effectiveness of the restoration and study the success of various methods to attract pollinators. The research report is available below.
Audubon Greenway Pollinator Report (2017)

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